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Gem-shaped faceted glass beads, Jablonex (Czech), 6mm | Miscellaneous Shapes

Gem-shaped faceted glass beads, Jablonex (Czech), 6mm

These glass beads have a faceted surface, catching the light and your eye. The beads are made with high precision manufacturing processes, ensuring a consistent finish. Jablonex is one of the premier bead manufacturers in the Czech Republic, known worldwide for their high quality glass beads.

Bead diameter: 6mm
Hole diameter: 1mm

Prices vary between beads of the same size and type due to each one requiring energy-intensive finishing steps. Some are only produced in small batches, which is more expensive than mass production.

Address: OÜ Karnaluks, Hermanni 1/Tartu mnt.63, Tallinn 10115, Estonia/Eesti, EU; Phone: 00 372 601 3373 | Phone: (www.KL24.ee, www.helmic.ee): 00 372 5626 4301 | Telefax: +372- 601 3373 | e-mail: info@KL24.ee, Showroom open: Ma-Fr 9.00-17.00 ja Saturday klo. 9.00-15.00

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