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Graver tools

Mushroom Engraving Handle

This bulb wooden drill handle can be attached to a variety of drill bits and other tools that are otherwise inconvenient or impossible to hold. A short, round handle rests comfortably in your hand and allows you to get a strong grip while working. Includes two different diameter tension setters for standard and very fine drill bits. Length: 84mm Diame...

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Wire Knitter & Kumihimo Weight, Artistic Wire, 228S-438

This wire knitter and kumihimo weight from Artistic Wire allows you to ensure even tension is placed on your design. Having consistent weight placed on your workpiece makes it it easier to manage loose wires you're working with. The multiple hooks allows you to control the amount of weight by adding or removing weights. Length: 30mm Diameter: 16mm

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Heavy Duty flex shaft Power Drill Kitja fine action mandrel tip, CC-30

A professional grade power drill is a must for artisans who want to create quality products efficiently. This WECHER heavy duty power drill features a flexible shaft end with a cartridge suitable for hundreds of different drill bits, including those used for polishing, texturing, cleaning, drilling, carving, milling, and engraving a variety of materials. ...

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Thin knitted cotton gloves, goldsmith gloves, size M.., KL1706

Protect delicate jewelery items in handling or presentation. Good for jewelery, metal crafting. Protect hands from metal crafting influences.

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Modelling clay, wax, candle wax modelling knives, 10 pcs, KL1709

Kõik noad on vahetatava teraosaga ja teritatud servaga. Peen teras võimaldab täpset tööd. Käepidemed alumiiniumist

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Small chisels, 14,5 cm, 14 pcs, KL1704

Suitable for woodcraft and leathercraft. Strong and sharp. handle covered with waxed rope. Black Oxford included.

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